The United States in the 1980s
The United States in the 1980s

The United States in the 1980s


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Publication Date: July 1980

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The essays in The United States in the 1980s, written by a group of renowned and widely respected specialists, are a major contribution to a balanced discussion of the choices that lie ahead. The authors analyze the central issues, describe the policy options open to the country, and recommend specific courses of action to deal with or mitigate the problems confronting the United Statest—in recognition of the fact that the major problems of the new decade "are interrelated, that no problem can be resolved in isolation, and that different perspectives can contribute to a clearer and more balanced understanding of the problems that are often viewed as separate from one another." The United States in 1980s will not provide comfort or reassurance for pessimists or optimists. On the contrary, by stressing that there are realistic limits to America's ability to solve all problemst—domestic and internationalt—the essays offer guidance for sensible solutions and identify the solid base of strength upon which the United States can build in the new decade.

Author Biography

Peter J. Duignan was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He wrote extensively on comparative colonial history, modern European history, African documentation and bibliography, Hispanics in the United States, U.S. foreign policy, Africa, immigration to the United States, and the Atlantic Alliance (the U.S. and Europe since 1945). He died in 2012.