The Weaver's Lost Art
The Weaver's Lost Art

The Weaver's Lost Art

The Great Unraveling: The Remaking of th


75 Pages, 4.5 x 7

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Publication Date: July 2014

ISBN 9780817917654


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Looking beneath the surface of strategy, policy, and daily operations, this book uses the analogy of weaving to review the United States' historical responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. Author Charles Hill shows why the United States must marshal all possible elements in the Middle East, and supporters from without, to defeat the enemies of order in the region—and why the U.S. must weave an actively engaged, omnidirectional involvement to support and interact with whatever faction, regime, sect, leader, or state that seeks to gain legitimacy as a good citizen in the established international system.

Author Biography

Charles Hill is a minister in the U.S. Foreign Service and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is cochair of the Herbert and Jane Dwight Working Group on Islamism and the International Order, and a senior lecturer in international studies and in humanities at Yale University. He is the author of Trial of a Thousand Years: World Order and Islamism.